By billing Maya, the most popular operetta piece by Fényes Szabolcs, an old debt to this renowned former intendant of the Budapest Operetta Theatre has been serviced. His work of 1931 clasps the atmosphere of the interwar period by capturing the style and spirit of the age. Maya belongs to the genre of revue operetta and gives prominence to spectacular show elements, a storyline combining French vaudevilles, exuberant detective stories and frivolous pulp fiction. Played out against an exotic backdrop of French foreign legion and Parisian cabarets, it features a twisted love story, challenging roles and evergreen hit songs by the composer Fényes Szabolcs.


Presgurvic's name is, of course, not unknown to the Hungarian audience, since Romeo…

A Budapesti Operettszínház fenntartója a Magyar Állam, irányító szerve az Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma (EMMI)