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The libretto was based on a French comedy, and tells the eventful love story between the millionaire widow Hanna Glavari and the partying, womanizing Count Danilo, set against the backdrop of Paris. This is the tale of two good-looking, possibly too good looking, confident, proud and vain people finding themselves and each other in a world governed by money and politics. The elite of Pontevedro, a tiny country in the Balkans on the brink of bankruptcy, wishes to save their homeland with Hanna's fortune, while the representatives of international diplomacy are also scheming to get their hands on the pretty widow's fortunes, while the faithless wives of the diplomatic corps are making fools of their husbands. Love and intrigue reign for three acts, accompanied Lehár's stunning, intoxicating, immortal melodies.


Luxemburg grófja Lehár Ferenc

Musical Tales, for ages 3-99!

The Duchess of Chicago Emmerich Kálmán