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Love, affection, jealousy, memories, popular evergreens and a fantastic cast: all in one production, under the direction of Máté Szabó.

The story revolves around the famous actress, Mária, whose daughter, Zsuzsi, suddenly arrives home. The youthful, but wellexperienced mother soon becomes aware that her daughter has
fallen in love with someone, who is yet to appear in the form of a ‘mysterious stranger'.

Mária wants to keep her daughter out of the reach of men, wanting to shelter Zsuzsi from the disappointments she had to endure eighteen years ago. Disappointments she still has not forgotten. But as always, the absurdity of life and certain amazing accidental coincidences result in strange situations: an old lover turns up to remind Mária of a summer from her youth - a long-lost, but neverending summer. And, in the end, despite Mária's efforts, even Zsuzsi finds her mysterious suitor.

Lajos Lajtai and István Békeffi originally wrote this play for Sári Fedák, but in the end, Hanna Honthy played the role on its opening night in 1928 (Budapest Színkör), with great success. The Summer of Old Times is still one of the most popular Hungarian plays, which is very often featured in theatrical programmes. This production proudly presents our theatre's favourite primadonna, Zsuzsa Kalocsai, as Mária.


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